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March 2024

· One min read

March has been a busy month for the CausaDB team. We've been working hard to bring you the latest updates and improvements to the platform. Here's a summary of what's new in CausaDB this month.


  • Major core functionality updates with improved speed and performance.
  • Support for fixed argument in find_best_actions.
  • Support for both continuous and binary data types.
  • Support for pandas data loading.
  • Improved containerisation for easier self-hosting.
  • Added smart building heating example to documentation.
  • Added updates blog (what you're reading right now!) to documentation site.


  • Various improvements to user experience including renaming of functions and arguments.
  • Improved documentation and examples.
  • Improved error handling for invalid user inputs.
  • Atomic artefact management for robust porting of models between versions.
  • Various polishing and improvements to documentation site.