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Learn about CausaDB in a few minutes.

Why do I need causal AI?

Standard AI algorithms are pattern-matching engines that are great at finding patterns in data, but they have no concept of cause and effect. This is a major problem when we try to use standard AI models (LLMs, neural nets, XGBoost, etc) to inform decision-making. Without understanding cause and effect, these other algorithms confuse correlation for causation and can make inefficient and at worst damaging recommendations. Importantly, because standard AI creates its own world-model based on correlations, it often fails when deployed in the real world, while causal AI works in deployment. See Why you need causal AI in deployment for an example.

Causal AI models are built from the ground up to capture causal structures. This gives them an understanding of cause and effect, so they can be trusted to reason and make data-driven decisions and optimisations. Until now, causal AI has largely been an academic pursuit with limited adoption in the real world. CausaDB simplifies the process of building causal models, removing the deep knowledge burden that typically comes with causal AI. The platform is designed to get causal AI models out of the lab and into production with ease.

What is CausalOps?

CausalOps is an extension of the concept of MLOps to causal AI. Standard MLOps practices alone aren't enough for productionising causal AI models, so CausalOps bridges the gap to make it simple to build and maintain causal workflows. CausaDB is the only platform that makes CausalOps as easy as a few lines of code.

Why do I need CausaDB?

Managing AI models in development is hard enough, and deploying AI is even harder. Causal AI models have different requirements to standard AI models, and popular workflows and software are not designed or suited to causal AI. This leads to further resistance in adopting causal AI and stops organisations from being able to benefit from it.

We built CausaDB to solve this problem. CausaDB handles model development workflows, deployment pipelines, versioning, quality assurance, and infrastructure orchestration and management in a single, simple framework. Your team can start deploying causal AI in minutes instead of months.

Want to get started?

To get started with CausaDB, get in touch with our team via email: or through our Slack community. If you already have your access credentials, follow the installation instructions in this documentation site.